What These Rodeo Athletes Are Wearing And Why

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

The gear an athlete wears while competing is a pivotal part of their performance in any sport as it offers the necessary protection and functionality needed to perform at peak levels. This is certainly the case in the rodeo world where athletes are up against the clock and working with animals. Their boots and clothing need to be durable to withstand strenuous exertion. Their gear also needs to be comfortable as to not cause distraction during a run. We connected with several rodeo athletes and got their take on the performance gear they rely on in the arena as well as what they wear in everyday life.


"My boots are a vital part of my gear and they directly lead to my success. And because of that, they must withstand the rigors of the event. I need to feel the ground; my boots must have a tight fit and then maintain that fit for months at a time to maximize my agility. The soles need to be extremely durable and the material must not bind in the stirrup as my feet clear the saddle."

- Blake Knowles, Steer Wrestler and Four-Time WNFR Qualifier

“With boots, I look for comfort. Having a good arch support is one of the specific features that are really important to me when finding the perfect boot.”

– Rusty Wright

“My boots need to be light but tough with good arch support and a soft sole.”

– Spencer Wright


“I like Wrangler Advanced 01. They are fancy enough to wear out on the town but also a good work jean that fits well and moves with you.”

- Ryder Wright, Saddle Bronc Rider, 2017 World Champion and Four-Time WNFR Qualifier

“I prefer the George Strait Wrangler jeans because they are comfortable and nice looking.”

Stetson Wright, Saddle Bronc & Bull Rider and 2019 World Champion

“It’s important to me that my jeans fit, they’re comfortable, and they’re durable.”

- Rusty Wright, Saddle Bronc Rider and Four-Time WNFR Qualifier


I like my shirts to be light so they aren’t so restricting and feel so heavy. My favorite performance shirts are the George Straits.”

– Spencer Wright

“Being a steer wrestler, my shirts encounter heavy wear and tear. They need to be able to be worn all day but hold the crisp look of a fresh shirt. Cowboys also like starching so the material must be one that holds that starch and presses well.”

– Blake Knowles

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