To The End Of The Earth

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Nothing is more powerful than human connection. Even in life's darkest moments, there is a gravitational pull to be together. The year 2020 was undeniably challenging across the globe. With isolation and distancing, in moments it felt otherworldly, as if floating alone in outer space. But witnessing the bravery and tenacity of the human spirit as communities rallied together to preserve hope. And as the calendar shifted to 2021, suddenly fear of the unknown started to subside. Much like in the 1800s, American cowboys pushed westward into the new frontier, pursuing the unknown with optimism guiding them. Only now 2021 is out new frontier, a space of hope as we chase the unknown with the heart of a cowboy. With that bring you To The End Of The Earth, a piece inspired by the human spirit's connectedness as mankind explores this new terrain while challenging how we see the world as it currently exists.

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