The Power Couple Of Now: Anthony & Lisa Lucia

Rodeo Announcer and Trick Roper Anthony Lucia, son of Pro Rodeo Entertainer Tommy Lucia, and Miss Rodeo America 2017 Lisa (Lageschaar) Lucia married in May of 2019. Anthony and Lisa epitomize hard work and the pioneering spirit. While Anthony learned the art of entertaining from his dad and used those skills to develop his own career in professional western sports broadcasting, Lisa stopped at nothing to achieve her dream of being crowned Miss Rodeo America and now spends her time paying it forward by coaching aspiring rodeo queens. The newlyweds and power couple’s story is akin to a modern day June Carter and Johnny Cash of the rodeo world, something we realized after we sat with Anthony and asked him a few questions on married life and family.

When did you realize you wanted to marry Lisa? “I knew Lisa was the one while driving home after our first date. However, coming to this realization scared the ever-living dog out of me. Even though I knew I was supposed to marry this girl—I could feel that God put it in my heart—I still had quite a bit of growing up to do. Out of fear, I didn’t contact her for a month. Though, that was as long as I could let it go for. I knew I needed to pursue this. I needed to work hard, refocus and make healthy changes in my life, and be the man God wanted me to be. So I started texting her again. But of course she blew me off. Then one Sunday I was at a church service and after the service they said, ‘If anyone needs a prayer, come up and we will pray with you.’ I went up and said, ‘I need prayer for clarity and wisdom in my life because I don't know what's going on.’ We say ‘Amen,’ and as I'm wiping the tears out of my eyes, I turn around and Lisa is standing right there. I was surprised to see her there because this wasn’t her regular church. She lived nearly an hour and a half away. She said that something in her heart told her that she should come to this church and try it out. And we've been together ever since.”

As newlyweds, is it difficult having such demanding schedules? “Just to answer very honestly, that's one of the things that Lisa and I both struggle with. Both of us are very successful, driven people. And marriage adds another aspect to our lives. That being said, we still prioritize what is truly important. It's not just about being successful in the world's eyes. Rather, it’s about truly impacting the people that you love. And I continuously remind myself of that. Because when it comes down to it, what matters most is spending time with the ones that we love and making them our number one priority.”

How has family shaped you? “Because of my dad, hard work has been part of my life since I was a little kid. His favorite quote was, ‘Hard work always works.’ You can't go halfhearted into anything that you do. His influence on every aspect of my life is stronger today than it even was when he was still alive. He taught me how to see myself from the audience’s perspective. He said, ‘Imagine yourself watching it on TV. What would you enjoy? What would you like to know about the contestants? What would you like to know about the animal athletes? Make it less about yourself, and more about them.’ What my wife has taught me about myself is really very similar to what my dad has always taught me, and that is to be authentic. Family truly is my lifeblood and my backbone—it is the greatest gift God has given us.”

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