The Next Generation

From high school athletes competing in the most important competition of their rodeo careers thus far at the National High School Finals Rodeo, to the unparalleled relationships between college rodeo athletes and their coach, to a behind-the-scenes look into the awe-inspiring year as Miss Rodeo America - these are the stories of three incredible groups of people: the next generation of rodeo.

National High School Finals Rodeo (NHSFR) is the ultimate youth rodeo competition and the absolute height of rodeo athletes' careers at their level. Young athletes spend their entire rodeo careers, tarting at a very young age, training for the opportunity to compete at this event. The athletes highlighted in their piece have put in the hard work, dedication, and intense training necessary to compete at the NHSFR and make it to the next level in rodeo. They are also members of Boot Barn's Future Stars of Rodeo team, a competition held annually among the athletes who have qualifies for NHSFR.

Miss Rodeo America plays a tremendously important role in the rodeo world. She serves as the official ambassador to the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and spends the entire year traveling the country, participating in rodeos and teaching the community about the sport she proudly represents. Like the Rodeo Queens crowned before her, Miss Rodeo America 2019 Taylor McNair spent years of hard work, training, and determination for the opportunity to win this coveted job of enriching the world of rodeo and turning rodeo spectators into eternal rodeo fans.

Many young rodeo athletes strive to compete in rodeo at the college level and represent their school through a sport that carries so much weight. With many students taking four to five classes per school quarter or semester, college rodeo athletes spend early mornings and late nights in the arena practicing and training around their demanding academic schedules. But through their dedication, perseverance, and with the support of their rodeo coaches, they proudly continue striving forward in rodeo.

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