The Montana Edit: The Last Best Place

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

This year we are traveling throughout the U.S., celebrating our land, people, and history. We started our adventure in Montana, The Last Best Place.

Bozeman, MT: With more than 60% of the land used for ranches and farming, Montana has definite ranch bragging rights.

Seeley Lake, MT: From world class fishing and hunting to historic ranching communities and the Lewis and Clark Trail, Seeley Lake is an American treasure. 

Hot Shoeing: Horseman have been protecting their horses’ hooves for thousands of years. Today's farriers pride themselves in perfecting their craft with precision. Hot shoeing takes a little more time. But it is said that you get a better fitting shoe if you do it correctly.

Micah Fink: Founder of Heroes & Horses, training wild mustangs.

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