Increase The Longevity Of Your Work Boots

Boots should be properly cared for the moment you get them. Below are boot care tips and products to help increase the lifespan of your new boots.

How-To Guide

1. Clean Regularly: Dirt and chemicals can damage the outer material of the boot as well as the outsole. At the end of each day, brush your boots off to remove dirt and debris. Once a week, clean your boots with boot cleaner using a cloth or brush.

2. Store Properly: Don’t let your boots dry out. Make sure your storage area has good air circulation, is not near a heater, and is not in the sunlight.

3. Replace Laces: Laces are usually the first thing to go. If you wear lace-up boots, always have a second pair of laces on hand. To help your laces last longer, take the time to significantly loosen the laces each time you put on and take off your boots.

4. Replace Worn Insoles: Insoles will deteriorate sooner than your boots will. Replacing worn insoles will extend the boot life and also enhance your comfort.

5. Condition Your Boots: When natural moisture escapes from the leather, cracks form and the leather weakens. Leather conditioner helps prevent this by maintaining the leather and keeping it durable. Apply the conditioner with a brush to work the excess into the leather.

6. Rotate Your Boots: If possible, rotate between two pairs of work boots to give each pair time to recover. Leather needs time to rejuvenate and breathe.


Heavy-Duty Leather Preserve:

Leather preservative helps to prevent dry rot, mildew, and premature cracking by protecting the leather from water, abrasion, and heat. It will slightly darken the leather but will also keep your boots performing longer.

All-Purpose Leather Cleaner:

Dust and dirt can damage and dry out leather over time. This all-purposee leather cleaner safely removes residue, dirt, perspiration, and salt from the leather, enhancing the life of the boot.

Horse Hair Boot Brush:

A good boot brush, made specifically for leather boots and is gentle on the leather, will remove dust and dirt from the nooks and crannies of your boot that a cloth is unable to reach.

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