In the Backcountry with Micah Fink

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Micah Fink is a family man, Navy SEAL, ironman, woodsman, and hunter. He is also the founder of Heroes and Horses, a nonprofit that helps combat veterans suffering from PTSD. For Micah Fink, returning home from combat was the greatest challenge he has ever faced. Today, living in the outdoors is where he finds healing, growth, and transformation. We were honored to spend a lot of time with Micah over the past couple of years, learning more about his story from gentling wild mustangs to spending over 190 days on horseback in the backcountry of Montana.

After returning home from combat, how did working on a ranch and living off the land impact you? “Those experiences changed my life: working on that ranch, getting into packing, and all that time I spent in the backcountry, I realized that it’s not peace and serenity, that it’s struggle that gives everything in life value. It gives us an opportunity to learn about ourselves. And when we get that knowledge we still have to make that choice. The best lessons to me are the lessons that are unsaid but learned. And that’s what horses did for me. And so I took that process and I lived it.”

What have you learned from spending time in the backcountry of Montana? “I’ve ridden thousands and thousands of miles on horseback and packing and what I’ve ultimately learned is that human beings have the ability to think greater than they feel. And that purpose, to me, is a process in life and that obstacles are not here to break us, but they’re actually here to show us. And the obstacle that people are facing ultimately may be the purpose that they’re looking for. And so, to me if you’re looking for change and you’re looking for a new direction, well then get ready to suffer your way to grace and happiness because that’s the design of every living thing.”

What is it like being a veteran? “I think being a veteran comes with a responsibility. I think a veteran is a person who takes their military experiences and uses them as building blocks of growth in their life to better the people around them that haven’t had the opportunity to experience the difficulties that they have. I don’t think that those experiences debilitate you or break you down. I actually think that they’re opportunities for growth individually and collectively with the people that you interact with.”

What are you most passionate about? “I’m most passionate about giving back to people. I think that the greatest thing you can ever do in your life is find purpose and use that purpose to change and impact the world around you. And that’s what I’ve decided to do with my life.”

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