Behind the Camera with Fashion Posse's Tiffany Cooper

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Go to just about any rodeo and you will very likely run into Tiffany Cooper. You will find her in her favorite spot—behind the camera taking pictures.

Tiffany Cooper is a rodeo wife—newly married to 4-time world champion and 11-time NFR qualifier Tuf Cooper—she is also the founder of Fashion Posse, the part owner of Western Runway Magazine, she is a fashion icon, and a talented photographer who features rodeo fashion trends and more importantly the women who wear them.

It all started so that Tiffany could travel with Tuf on the rodeo trail while maintaining her independence. She told us that,

“I’ve always been the kind of girl who has a job and takes care of herself. And since I have always taken pictures and I wanted to tell rodeo wives and girlfriends’ stories, I started Fashion Posse.”

She became inspired by the rodeo wives and girlfriends she would meet at each rodeo—the business owners, the cosmetologists, the CPAs, the barrel racers—and decided to feature them on her personal Instagram feed and tell their stories. “Rodeo wives and girlfriends do a lot for their husbands and boyfriends. There’s a lot of driving all night and taking care of horses. There’s a lot that goes into it and all the behind the scenes [people] don’t get to see.” Tiffany’s pictures got so much attention that a magazine contacted her and asked her to write fashion articles for them. “So I called it Fashion Posse and we did a two page spread. I would always have extra pictures left over because we could only use like five or six in the article so I started the social media for it and that’s where it really grew.”

From there she connected with fellow western fashion influencer Jessie Jarvis as well as Ashley Alderson, former Miss Rodeo America and owner of The Boutique Hub, and they started the Western Runway magazine. “It comes out during NFR, it shows you where to shop, and we highlight rodeo wives, girlfriends, and competitors.”

Though Tiffany has become recognized as a fashion icon throughout the rodeo world since launching her business, she is still focused on featuring other women’s stories and their personal style. “A lot of people do ask me for fashion advice but I always tell them that I’m behind the camera. I’m just out here taking pictures of what people are wearing. I don’t know. Everybody says that they like my fashion too, but I like to be behind the camera more than in front of it.”

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